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Bullet Magnet
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Release date:2020-02-08 15:02:18
       Bullet magnet is constructed by a magnetic cone in the central within a stainless steel housing outside. Cone shape ensures smooth flowing volume. High intensity magnet makes the cone concentrate strong strength to capture the iron tramps perfectly.
Bullet magnet separator is designed to remove relative lager pieces of iron tramps like nuts, bolts and nails to avoid damage to the downstream machines. This equipment is usually installed in gravity and pneumatically pipelines. It is applicative to all the powder and granular products which is dry. Such as grain, powder and feed etc.

How to do cleaning?
Easy-clean design. As the cone is fixed with the door, when you open the door, magnetic cone will come out simultaneously. Then just wipe the cone with glove on hand.
Optional features:
1. The frames and housing material: SS304, SS316,SS316L;
2. The surface finishing : Fine polishing, dull polish or sand blasting;
3. The magnetic strength grade:  2000Gs, 4000Gs, 6000Gs, 8000Gs, 10000Gs, 12000Gs;
4. Working temperature grade <: 80, 100, 120, 150, 180, 200 degree Celsius;
5. Type of mounting: flange , quick release clamp or pipe;
6. Customer designs, specifications can be fulfilled.
The alternative standard sizes:
型号Specification 尺寸Size(mm)
d D H
BM50 51 114 380
BM65 76 168 540
BM100 108 219 586
BM150 159 273 655
BM200 219 325 760
BM250 273 426 850
BM300 325 480 880

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