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Bullet Magnet
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Release date:2021-06-29 16:06:27
The permanent magnet cylinder is composed of a magnetic core with a conical point design and a stainless steel shell. The conical magnetic core is beneficial for the material to pass through the permanent magnet tube smoothly and reduce the material accumulation in the inner part of the iron separator. The magnetic core has a strong magnetic force, which can effectively adsorb iron impurities through the material quickly. Permanent magnet cylinder is usually installed in gravity feeding pipeline or air supply pipeline, used to sort iron impurities in dry powder and granular materials, such as iron filings, nuts, screws and bolts, to improve material purity and protect downstream production and processing equipment. Permanent magnet cylinder is suitable for processing powder or granular material, widely used in food, grain, feed, chemical industry and other industries.

Optional features:
● Surface treatment: mirror polishing, drawing polishing, sandblasting treatment;
● Shell material: SS304, SS316;
● Magnetic strength level: 4000GAUSS, 6000GAUSS, 8000GAUSS, 10000GAUSS, 12000GAUSS;
● Working temperature < : 80℃, 100℃, 120℃, 150℃;
● Inlet and outlet connection mode: flange, soft connection edge, straight pipe, clamp, etc.

Standard sizes available:
Specification Size (mm)
d D H
BM50 57 108 380
BM65  76 159 540
BM100 108 219 586
BM150  159 273 655
BM200  219 325 760
BM250  273 377 850
BM300  325 426 880

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