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Permanent cranes are classified according to performance

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Permanent cranes are classified according to performance

Permanent lifting, magnetic sucker, magnetic lifting device is the use of magnetic or air pressure difference to absorb heavy objects spreader. Divided into electromagnetic sucker and vacuum sucker two.
① magnetic sucker: from the disc-shaped steel shell and the shell of the excitation coil used to absorb magnetic materials, also known as lifting electromagnet, usually hanging on the crane hook to use, the cable with the hook lift together. According to the working principle can be divided into electromagnetic and permanent magnet type. Electromagnetic rely on the coil through the DC electromagnetism suction, power demagnetization. In order to prevent the material when the power down, with this sucker crane generally need a backup power supply. Permanent magnet by permanent magnets (such as aluminum nickel cobalt or strontium ferrite alloy steel suction head) suction, power demagnetization discharge, no material when the risk of falling material, Hu Jun that is not easy to demagnetize the demagnetization Iron oxide, affecting the suction. Round electromagnetic sucker used most. Hu Jun that absorb the plate and the material is used when the rectangular electromagnetic sucker. Most of the bottom of the suction cup was flat; there are concave arc-shaped, to absorb the barrel and coil and so on. When lifting long items, you can use several suckers to work at the same time. The temperature of the material sucked by the electromagnetic chuck is generally not more than 600 ° C.
② vacuum sucker: by the vacuum device and soft plastic or bowl-shaped rubber sucker head and other components, divided into two kinds of power and no power. Power Vacuum suction cups Vacuum pumps are used to obtain vacuum, suction is large but noise, and cables or ventilation hoses are required. No vacuum vacuum suction cup, also known as self-priming vacuum suction cup, in the mention sucker by the hook to drive the piston rod to obtain a vacuum, no power source, with a simple structure, no noise, etc., but usually only absorb 500 kg of the following materials. Vacuum sucker is often used to absorb the surface of the items, the material is not subject to the magnetic permeability of the restrictions, steel, glass, plastic, cement products and wood can be sucked, and from a stack of material one by one material, High operating efficiency.



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