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How to delay the magnetic separator drum tube wear?

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How to delay the magnetic separator drum tube wear?

Often, the phenomenon of magnetic bulb wear at work is unavoidable. What should we do when we face this situation? The answer is to delay this situation to the greatest extent possible. The following red star machine experts teach you how to maximize the delay of magnetic separator magnetic drum tube wear.
Magnetic separation equipment is a very wide range of applications, from the tail to the selection, from wet to dry, field strength from dozens to hundreds of Hautusla, large size, high field strength, large processing capacity Of the permanent magnetic separation equipment are used for production.
Magnetic separator equipment in the magnetic work, and the material will always be a collision between the magnetic separator magnetic drum is prone to wear. If the wear and tear is serious, then the magnetic separator drum roller will appear to wear the phenomenon, but once the grinding pulp will enter the magnetic roller, so that will be adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic system, resulting in between the tube and the magnetic system The occurrence of locking, or pulp into the bearing lead to damage to the bearing, but the machine can not work properly damaged.
How to minimize the magnetic separator magnetic drum tube wear? Usually we have taken the following measures.
1, tube skin wear protection
PVC coated with cored tube, PVC adhesive adhesive coating, can greatly improve the life of the tube skin.
2, magnetic system fixed
Using a glass ribbon coated epoxy resin, iron packaging belt, stainless steel plate on the magnetic system as a whole package test, according to the test results, using a 0.5 thickness of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel plate wrapped magnetic system.
Stainless steel plate at both ends of the joint with a thin plate and clamped with bolts to be fixed, and finally with bolts to adjust the tightness. This will not only affect the magnetic field on the magnetic field is small, but also on the magnetic system is strong enough to tighten the force, the effect is significant. The use of this method has never occurred after the magnetic block off the situation, completely solve the problem of magnetic fixation.


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