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Photovoltaic and charging pile magnetic assembly preparation work steadily

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Photovoltaic and charging pile magnetic assembly preparation work steadily

"The 4th Photovoltaic Inverter and Automotive Charging Pile Magnetic Assembly Application Technology Seminar" will be held on January 9, 2015 at the Shanghai Jinting Manor Hotel. This symposium focuses on the technological innovation of the magnetic components in the photovoltaic inverter and the charging piles. The scene is supplemented by the display of new components and new components of magnetic components and power supplies, materials and test equipment. At present, the preparation of the meeting is being carried out in an orderly manner.
Industry-renowned enterprises large-scale exhibitors
From the beginning of the meeting by the domestic and foreign magnetic components on the downstream business concerns, the United States magnetic, Aetna technology, Shenzhen can Like, Foshan, research, research and development, Yamaha, Shenzhen, the United States and Germany, Huzhou Kodak, Huizhou Jia Yang, Arnold, Shenzhen Ming Yuda, Haiguang Electronics, Reid Cicai, Guangzhou back to heaven, Ambo magnetic, Edwards , Rui source equipment and other enterprises have registered exhibitors.
Photovoltaic inverter, charging pile machine giant enterprises to actively participate in the media attention
At the same time by the photovoltaic, charging pile machine giant business enthusiastically involved in the current sunshine power, megapixel Aixin, Eaton, Chint Electric, National Energy Group, Queensland, trillion of love cable, XJ Group, Huawei, Chase, in, Philips, Delta, Samsung, Nokia and other industry representatives have signed up to participate in the industry.
In addition, the meeting also by the solar power, sunshine artisan photovoltaic network, China Energy Network, Polaris power grid, new energy network, electric car network, 21ic electronic network and other media attention.
IHS senior analyst, Professor Chen Wei, Fuzhou University, came to the meeting to do technical reports
The conference topics include "Inverter AC filter magnetic components application and design", "new energy requirements for magnetic components", "high power density of high-speed Power devices in the power application "," the need for power inductor optimization and optimization of power inductors "," low-power high-frequency switching power supply transformer design and calculation "and a total of 14 issues, the meeting has launched a very well-known experts and scholars invited work, IHS senior analyst, Professor Chen Wei, Fuzhou University has confirmed that come to the meeting to do the relevant technical reports.
Experts who participate in professional and technical reports also have a photovoltaic inverter leading enterprises, when he will share with you 2015 new technology trends, industry trends, successful business experience.
The meeting left the last 50 places, welcomed the engineers friends, business executives to seize the time registration.



8:00 - 18:00

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