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Computer prediction technology can be used with new magnetic materials

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Computer prediction technology can be used with new magnetic materials

Abstract: Although the magnets in the daily life everywhere, but the magnetic inside the metal is still very rare. At present, human beings found that 5% of the known inorganic compounds will show some magnetic force, because part of the magnetic force is at a specific temperature will be generated, so in fact can really apply to the reality of the magnetic material is still relatively small. Recently, Duke University materials scientists have a new study, they are through the computer model to quickly predict the magnetic properties of new materials.
The study was recorded in the recent "Science Advances". Scientists have selected 55 elements, from which three out of the combination, according to the computer model to determine the results in 236,115 kinds of possible combinations, there are 14 kinds of potential as a magnetic material. In order to confirm the accuracy of this screening, scientists in accordance with the computer model with two of these substances - a combination of cobalt, magnesium and titanium, the other is magnesium, palladium and platinum, according to the test, the two The material is indeed equipped with computer simulation of the magnetic and other characteristics, in particular, cobalt-magnesium alloy can remain at very high temperature magnetic, is the first non-rare earth metal has this characteristic of the magnetic material, perhaps this material in the future It will be possible to actually use.
"Any of these new magnets can prove useful in the future, but that's not really important," the research team said. "The quick predictive technology is a major change in material science, The advancement of material science will be priceless. "
This project is supported by the Irish Science Foundation, the European Commission and the National Science Foundation (DGF1106401). But this technology in the future can give us what kind of surprise, we can only wait and see.



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