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Magnetic Bar
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Magnetic Bar
Inside the magnetic bar, rare earth permanent magnet is used as magnetic source. The surface of the magnetic bar is wrapped with stainless steel tube, and both ends are welded and sealed. Using its powerful magnetic force from a variety of powders, particles, slurry sorting out small ferromagnetic impurities, so as to improve the purity of materials, improve product quality, protect the downstream equipment. The magnetic bar can be fixed in the feed port, the discharge port or the transmission pipeline, but also can be used to make a complete set of magnetic grid, drawer type iron remover, fluid iron remover, rotary iron remover.

Technical parameters:

Φ Diameter  mm
21 22 23 25 26.5 28 30 32
Level 1(Gauss)
8000 9000 9000 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000 10000
Level 2(Gauss) 9000 10000 10000 11000 11000 12000 11000 11000 12000 12000
Level 3(Gauss) 10000 11000 11000 12000 12000 13000 12000 12000 13000 13000

Note: the level 3 magnetic bar in the above table is required to be more or equal to 150mm in length and operating temperature less than 150℃.



● Optimized magnetic circuit design;
● The standard product of diameter 25mm with different temperature resistance and magnetic level material are in stock , It can be shipped within 24 hours;
● Full seal welded structure (for wet, liquid, slurry, weak acid etc.);
● High quality 316L stainless steel material on the surface of the magnetic bar;
● The excellent workmanship could meet food and medical grade requirements;
● Professional packing, ensure the safety of the goods during transportation, and the convenience for use; 
● The magnetic force can reach over 14000Gauss.
Customized Products

Parameters to be supplied when ordering
Date Diameter Length
Thread holes/ 
One end or both ends
Item 1              
Item 2              
1, can choose the temperature level: < 80℃, < 100℃, < 120℃, < 150℃, < 180℃, < 200℃, < 300℃ (the current maximum temperature of 300℃, Max.300 ℃);
2, commonly used thread hole specifications: M6, M8, M10, M12, 1/4-20;
3, Φ25 The magnetic force of the magnetic bar can reach more than 14000GAUSS.
Magnetic detection of the magnetic rods 
It is recommended that customers buy brand magnetic detection equipment, Gauss meter/Tesla meter, usually choose the range of 0-3 Tesla range can meet the requirements of use; The magnetic force of the magnetic bar shall be tested and registered after the arrival of the magnetic bar, and the magnetic force of the magnetic bar shall be tested and registered regularly during the daily use. If the magnetic bar cannot meet the use requirements, it shall be replaced in time.
Maintenance of the magnetic rods        
It is not recommended to place the magnetic bar in an environment higher than the rated working temperature during the use of the magnetic bar, as high temperature will lead to magnetic force decline; Try to avoid the damage of stainless steel on the surface of the magnetic bar. Once the surface stainless steel is damaged, the contact of the internal magnet with water and air will cause the oxidation of the magnet, or even scrap

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