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Magnetic Plate
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The magnetic plate is made of a magnet and a stainless steel shell. The magnet can be made of ferrite or rare earth permanent magnet material. Magnetic plate is often installed in the pipeline, feeding port, discharge port, conveyor belt, etc. When the material passes through the magnetic field produced by the magnetic plate, the iron impurities in the material will be firmly absorbed by the magnetic plate. Magnetic plate is usually used to filter the iron impurities with larger particles in the material. Compared to the iron removable device with the magnetic bar as the working unit, the magnetic plate's absorption (adsorption distance) will be farther.

Optional features:
● Surface treatment: drawing polishing, sandblasting treatment;
● Shell material: SS304, SS316;
● Magnetic bar magnetic strength grade: 1500GAUSS, 4000GAUSS, 8000GAUSS, 10000GAUSS;
● Working temperature < : 80℃, 100℃, 120℃, 150℃, 180℃, 300℃;
● Installation: hinge, screw fixation, ring screw suspension, etc.;
● Size form: size can be designed according to the actual use requirements, commonly used forms are plate type, nozzle type, suspension type.

Common design types
Flat type magnetic plate: can be used as a part of the inclined pipe or chute, can also be suspended on the conveyor belt with small thickness of material accumulation。

Spout type magnetic plate: the design of the conical catching strip on the suction surface of the spout type magnetic plate can adsorb the iron impurities to the lower part of the catching belt, which can effectively avoid the iron impurities adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic plate being washed away by the passing materials. It is mainly suitable for processing materials with large flow and relatively fast flow rate.


Suspended magnetic plate: Suspended magnetic plate is generally suspended above the conveyor belt or at the end of the conveyor belt to adsorb large particles of iron impurities in the conveying material, such as nails, screws, iron wire segments, iron sheets, iron blocks, springs, etc., with long distance and large adsorption force.
For the selection of suspension type, it is necessary to know the suspension height of the magnetic plate and the thickness of the material on the conveyor belt, the density of the material, the density, the width of the conveyor belt and other information.



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