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Magnetic chute
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Release date:2021-06-29 17:06:18
The magnetic plate type pipe remover usually consists of a stainless steel case and two or more magnetic plates. Magnetic plate type pipeline iron remover is mainly used to remove larger particles of ferromagnetic metal impurities in diameter of more than 1mm, such as screws, nails, springs, wire, etc., suitable for powder and granular materials. When the material passes through the magnetic plate type pipeline iron removal device, due to the role of the guide plate, the material will be shunt to the magnetic plate working area, the strong magnetic field will firmly adsorb the iron impurities in the material, to achieve the effect of iron removal, so as to achieve the purpose of material purification, protect the downstream equipment safe and efficient operation.

Optional features:
● Surface treatment: drawing polishing, sandblasting treatment;
● Shell material: SS304, SS316;
● Magnetic strength of magnetic plate: 1500GAUSS, 4000GAUSS, 8000GAUSS, 10000GAUSS;
● Working temperature < : 80℃, 100℃, 120℃, 150℃;
● Inlet and outlet connection mode: flange, soft connection edge, straight pipe, etc.


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